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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its BeeN OnE YeAr SinCe I StaRted BloGGing..and otTheR ThInGs...

Well I can't believe it has been 1 year today since I started how time flys when you are I mean having fun..I can't believe all of the wonderful guys and gals I have met by doing this...wish I had done it sooner...cause I am having a ball getting to know you all and feeling connected to so many of you...and the giveaways etc...and bartering..I just am amazed at the generosity of you guys....So thank you for who you are and all my followers..makes me feel special..that you all want to hear what I have to say...:)..I love reading your daily entrys just as much..and those of you that don't blog that should..cause I love knowing what you're up too...Okay so everyone has been showing their I am jumping on the bandwagon as well...This is my shabby chic is the only place in my home that has floral..and I love it...I am not a floral gal by nature...but love it here..this is a free headboard that my friend gave to me..she found about 10 panels by the side of the road and wasn't using them..and I wanted them for my gift shows and for a headboard...and they fit puurrffeecctt with our king size bed...this is the only wall painted is called autumn breeze..
Here is an old twin size bed foot board turned upside down and has a shelf added to it..and 3 metal stars..I bought this at our local gift show that happens twice a year and I love stuff like my kitty collection is there..

Another view from the doorway..Otto just got up from his nap and Podylicious is still snuggled up asleep in her favorite spot...These photos were taken at night but you can really see the color on the is called Celery I believe..

This is the view from my side and the closet out to the main doorway.. There is a wicker rocking chair that I took off the rockers cause they stuck out too far...the kids like to sleep here too..when all that stuff isn't there..right now they have a cushy bed to sleep the day away...

just another view...

Okay this is not in the is in our living room..I love quirky things and things made from unique items or recycled stuff.. this is an old vacuum cleaner turned lamp..and the lamp covers are 2 canning funnels...pretty unique you all can go find an old vacuum and turn it into a lamp...again bought at my favorite place to is called the Christmas house and she puts on events 3 times a favorite is spring and christmas..oh heck who am I kidding..I love her home anytime of the year..and I always get great ideas too...

and here is stinker magoo...he is getting so big..and we have had 2, count em 2 days of no peeing in the I am hoping this is the new trend we will be sticking too...he went to work with his daddy yesterday and only got an hours nap..he was exhausted but had a great time at work..and I got a nice peaceful day of sewing and chilling with the kittys...he is a smart little stinker too..he sits, lays down and stays...we put a food treat in front of him and he will not get it, till we say it is thats disipline..he is only 3 months and 2 weeks old....he is signed up for puppy training the 17th we are really wanting him socialized with other dogs...he is great with people..and getting better with other ought to see him when he first see's you his butt wiggles and he curls it like he is a pretzel...he is very bendy...:) makes you want to squeeze his little fanny...and I do...well that is it for me...have a great week...I have almost finished up another purse..just making the handle and attaching it...
Until next time...:)


  1. You have a great bedroom room Gina ! That is such a pretty quilt on your bed and I love the red wall ! Your puppy is so cute ! Have a great night !
    Janae :-)

  2. Hi Gina,
    Your bedroom looks so pretty and charming. Love the red wall!
    Tucker is getting cuter with every picture I see!! Hope the potty training of going outside continues.
    Have a great week.

  3. Gina,

    I really like that color scheme in your bedroom! I am a huge fan of red, so I really love the one red splashed wall! It's all so pretty! It was a very neat idea using the twin headboard as a shelf too!


  4. I love the color red, it is my favorite. What a cute and cozy bedroom you have, it looks wonderful! You did a marvelous job!

    I can't wait to see more of your projects!

    Happy prims and blessings,

  5. Gina - I love your headboard! I told my husband a few years ago that I wanted old doors or something for the headboard - just haven't found the right ones yet I guess. Love the colors in your room too!
    Hugs~ Nicole

  6. The shutter door make a great headboard...looks wonderful!

  7. I love the panels, that's something I'd do! lol I'm so glad you blog, I've enjoyed all my visits here! Congrats on your first year of many I hope!

  8. It looks great!! I LOVE the red wall!

    Two whole days??!! Woo-hoo!! Man, I remember those pottin' trainin' days.

    I occasionally put down a "pee-pee towel" in case one of my girls can't hold it.
    Heck, there are days when I could use one myself. :> )

  9. Happy Blogiversary!

  10. Congrats Gina on your 1 year anniversary of glad you did:)

  11. love your room! and what a sweet picture of your Magoo!! hehehe
    is he australian shepard??

  12. Happy Blog Year...or Happy Year of BLogging, or Congradulations!!!
    Goes by pretty fast huh!
    Your pics were great!

  13. Hi Gina Bean----Congratulations on your one year anniversary---it really did fly by fast didn't it??? Whewwwww---like a frieght train!---Here's to many many more bloggariffic years!