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Monday, January 5, 2009

We Had A BaBy!....MeEt TuCkeR...

Well here is the new mommy and daddy!..Actually got a new do and color so here is a photo...
Here is the new bundle of Joy that we picked up at the Sportsmans parking lot..Actually in the store..A lady had this cute little puppy and was peddling him...and I knew what he was by his I called the hubby over and said do you want to hold him? we ended up out at her car to look at the other 3 she had and fell in love with this one...He is a toy Australian Shepard...he is 8 weeks old and has the cutest little butt you ever did see..he is a little wiggle puss when he sees you or he is playing..looks like he has a big load in his diapers..he is so bo-legged and has just the cutest watching him waddle off..

This is Tuc (for short) and his big brother Otto sharing the couch..Otto doesn't seem to mind him although he gave him a brain duster today..the other 4 are curious.. will sniff and then they are off and hiding...this is going to take some time I suppose...and he hates being left by himself..and boy can he yell..screams bloody murder if you leave him in his kennel..this is the first chance I have had to get on the computer I had to wait for the hubby to get home from he could take over the motherly duties....

Here he is asleep behind my hubbys neck...great neck warmer huh..

peek-a-boo...! I see you..

here we are after a hard night of playing with our toys....loves his squeeker toy dog..drives him nuts...he is doing well with potty training..had a few accidents but for the most part he is doing well..He will get to be about 12-16 pounds when full grown...He is already a smart little stinker and is "herding" us already...we should have named him Shadow...Well I hope you all have a wonderful week..I have a feeling he will be taking up a lot of may have to sneek up when its nap time..Take care...


  1. Oh Gina good thing hubbers didn't see that or any of them. OMG I would be in so much trouble. We had a standard aussie and we love the breed more then any others. Just the sweetest, smartest dogs. So cute too. He is adorable.
    Love your new do btw! looks great. I need mine done so bad.
    Oh and to answer your question we got 6 more inches last night. Oh yeh I am so done with this. this is a rain forest for crying out loud not a snow forest. I left Montana because of this crap. LOL
    have a wonderful day with the new baby

  2. Awww, Gina, he's adorable. I hope they all get along. We used to have an Australian blue heeler which we used as a cattle dog. His coloring was about the same as yours & he had the prettiest blue eyes. I love your style and color, geez, you're so cute.


  3. Hi Gina!
    Love the new Doo-girl :)
    Tuc is sooooooooooo cute!
    I love animals...we have 3 dogs and 3 cats---if that were me and my hubby...well, we prolly would have brought Tuc's 3 sibblings homw too!

    Have fun with your new little furry bundle of happiness!!


  4. Oh how sweet! He looks like he is going to be LOTS of fun, hehe! We have a cat named Tucker..:) You look like such proud new parents, hehe! congrats!


  5. Gina~I am coming over to snatch that adorable little puppy!
    He looks so snuggly soft!
    Enjoy him while you can...because when I snatch him he will be mine...Now, how do I get to your home from Ohio?

  6. How cute! How adorable!! How funny!! LOL. Our Maine Coon babies are bigger than your puppy!! And their expressions are priceless! The pup is tooo cute! What a face! Have fun with him.

  7. Hi Gina,
    Tucker is sooooo adorable!! You guys look like such proud parents.
    I'm sure given some time that all his kitty siblings will love him.
    Have fun with your new bundle of joy.

  8. Awww, he is adorable! Is this your first puppy? Is he going to herd all the kitties together when he gets bigger? ha ha My kitty is purring on top of the computer right now and he said, "don't even THINK of getting a puppy!!!!"

  9. Tucker is adorable. 12-16 pounds is that right? He is a sheep dog? I love this kind of dog...theya re so smart.

    He is smaller than your kitties..heehee Hows that going?

  10. What a cutie! How are the cats handling the new brother??

    Cute hair! You're so sassy!

  11. I LOVE your hair! It looks fantastic! Great color!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh, he's beautiful!!!! Does he have puppy breath? I love puppy breath. Give him a squeeze from his Aunt Peanut!
    Start snappin', we need more baby pictures. :> )

  12. I love your hair and I love that baby...yea he is going keep you moving! Come see my fat pics!

  13. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW CONGRATS ... SOOOOOOOO CUTE.. I want one soo bad. But a lucky pup to have such an awesome mommy! Awesome news and Crongrats again.

    I also have an award for you. the same award you have posted so I don't expect you do it all over again! HAHA..

    Oh and love the new hair I am getting mine done soon.. just no idea what to do with it!

    Talk to you later gator,

  14. OMG Gina...he is toooo cute!

    I'm soooo glad we're swap partners...I'm feeling a little better, so hopefully, I can work on my package for you!!! I'm excited!