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Friday, January 30, 2009

TodAys leTter L is brOught To You By......

Tammy at Country girl at home. had an interesting blog entry the other day..she was asked to write about the things she loves using the letter H..I told her I would give it a try with the letter "L"..I have to name 10 things..
1. I love my Husband..He is such a wonderful provider and loves our babys like I love our babys..and I love watching him play with them..just last night Tuc got a little rambunctious and bit him 4 places on his face and he didn't get mad...he bled too...
2. I love my babys...They mean the world to me and I love being their mama.
3. I love to craft...I just wish I could sell it..
4. I love to gosh it has almost taken over my life..but I love the great people I have met doing it...
5. I love my best friend Kimmy..we always have a blast together..just wish I could spend more time with her..
6. I love the Lord..(I actually used 2 letter L's there)..I do love him and all that he blesses Mike and I with..
7. I love (this is getting harder now)...learning new things....I get so much inspiration from you talented folks out there...
8. I love gardening...
9. I love seeing all the bulbs and the new life starting..
10. I love you all that come each day to read my ramblings..
Now if you are interested in a letter just let me know..I suppose I cheated a bit..cause I had an easy letter..but didn't say I couldn't use it.. :)


  1. Hi Gina,
    Love your little cartoons ! Thanks for directing us to Ruthann's blog. I am going to have to try that spahgetti pie.. I usually just make my ole spahgetti sauce and homemade meatballs and let it simmer all day .. I am definitely going to have to try the pie !
    I already have a cast iron skillet-left over from my living in Georgia days.. You just don't live in the south without owning a cast iron skillet ! It's the law ! LOL..

  2. HI Gina!~ I LOVE YOU TOO! :)
    SUch a sweet honey. I like when they are nice to kitties. I cannot say the same to mine. But, he is not a meany, so I guess I have to give him credit!

  3. lucky me! looks like a labor of love here - with lush landscapes and lasagna too (or was that hillbilly spag? no matter, its close enough to fit in the L family!)
    I'm feeling a bit lightheaded from too many L's - and lest I linger too long here, I'll lumber out to the launchpad and wait for my liftoff!

    adieu ♥

  4. Excuse me for pointing this out...but those all start with the letter "I"! Wasn't your letter "L"?

  5. Hi Gina, I see your ironing board cover arrived. Don't forget that you're supposed to actually put clothes on it to iron, not just stand there rubbing the cover over with a hot iron! Enjoy. xx