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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old MaN WiNtEr StoPPed By..and Hasn'T LeFt..

Well the first day of Winter came in with a bang! you can't see any of the walkways..We had to make paths so the outdoor kittys could go from the house to the garage..When we first let them out this morning..they had to walk in our foot path and it was up to their bellies..and up to our I don't own a pair of nice winter boot so I am out running around in my rubber a little cold on the old toeies.....None of the photos are in any order so just be prepared...(its the way my mind works)...

Here is Stanley Manley...settling in for a long winters nap..

Here is our Old man who just found this little bed under the deacons bench by the fire..he is in heaven I think..

Heres margarita (black), sunny, next to her and Otto Bisquit all snoozing by the fire...Margarita hates being in the house, but come winter or a good blizzard and she is all over coming in to visit and doesn't like going out to the garage period...end of story...all 3 outdoor babys are like this..but who can blame them and we certainly love having them all in with us getting cozy...

here is Nap-a-Pop on the couch..he is such a good house kitty...just wish the indoor girls would leave him alone...

Here is Millie with her stuffed likeness sitting in the window on a doll looking at the snow...

Here she is with the kitty on her back...isn't she cute!!!she looks thrilled too...:)

Here is Stanley Manley getting some milk foam from my hubbys coffee..look at his chin...

He too looks thrilled that mom is taking his photo and blogging about his "milk chin"....thats what mamas do...embarass their children...

Here is pody Ann going out in the snow...she loves going out..but the snow kicked her little butt and she didn't stay out really long...

here are my wrought iron kittys getting loaded with snow..from the front they are little blobs..

the front gate..I should use this as my next years christmas card...

here is Gracie and she hates being she lasted about 20 seconds on the front porch and went right back in...

the front yard...

My fence...

the neighbors tree...looks so pretty...

again our front yard..we have a rock wall there..can you see it?

from the front porch.

little bird feet on our front porch..looking for food...

Stanley making his way to the house in our tracks this morning...later in the day he was hopping like a rabbit and getting around...

our back porch and patio..look at the sunbrella..

a view from the kitchen window..

back deck cafe set..look at the waffle design on the chairs...just showing you how much snow we got...and it is 6pm and still snowing...may not be getting out to get my hair done...and I am ready to shave it off and start over...

poor Nap trying to find an easy way to the house but not before he went to the potty..right there...:)

kitchen window...

the stairs leading up to the upper portion of the garage...Well there was no church...go I got some sewing done for tomorrows party..our home teachers and brother and sisters and in law are coming for dinner and they know how to drive in this they are coming for dinner all 6 of them...we just love these guys and they are coming in their pjs and we are watching "the christmas story" and then I am giving them all a nice treat..will blog after I give these in case they read this...don't want to spoil the surprise..going to bake off my 6 different cookie batches and get my little gift bags set to go...I had this done last week at this time last really late this year..not even doing christmas cards this year..too late..well gotta bake cookies and make some dinner..going to make chili if I have the fixins..take care and stay warm...We got about 8 inches or more now cause it hasn't stopped snowing since last night...
I am grateful we did not lose power so far and that is just fine by me..we always lose power if some one farts or burps around we are lucky especially with this nasty weather...we are going through wood like crazy..we loaded the box up this monday and it is gone hopefully we will get a break so we can fill it back up...Take care....:) hope you are all enjoying your family and friends this week..have a wonderful christmas!!!!:)


  1. Snowed and snowing here today and tomorrow, chick. Have fun with it.

  2. Everything looks so pretty all snow covered and all your furry friends are so cute. We have tons of snow here in Mi., more than I can ever remember for December. Have fun tomorrow.


  3. was you who stole him from me, send him back:) We were under a warning yesterday and today but it shifted. Was supposed to pound us with another foot.

    Everything looks very pretty, I love snow pics.

  4. Woo-hoo!! You got a boatload of it too! I really don't mind the snow but when those temperatures drop... Brrrrrrrr!!!
    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas darlin'! Wishin' you a blessed Christmas!!

  5. Just flying through cyber world tonite.....stopping by all my favorites with wishes for a very merry Christmas!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday week Gina!! Wishing you many, and many and many Christmas blessings!!


  6. Hi Gina,
    Everything there looks so beautiful covered in snow. Your kitties look like they are all settled in for a long winter's nap. I would of like some snow instead of temps below zero with a high wind warning.
    Still have not gotten my package...hoping it comes today or tomorrow. I'll let you know.
    I have a picture of the other sheep with the sampler on it posted on my blog.
    Got to go make cookies now with Josie.
    Hugs, Cindy

  7. What beautiful photos! I love the view from the Kitchen window with the wreath - that would be my Christmas card!