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Monday, December 15, 2008

MaKe a Fire, Kittys WiLL CoMe!!! and they did

Well it is flipping cold here reached about 25 at 2pm today...and it is a bit breezy too..just cuts through ya...Now how many angles can one take a photo of..well just keep looking...All 8 kittys are in today..3 are outdoor kids and they said it was cold and wanted you will see them in their various spots...Pody was the only one not laying down..she was too busy wandering around and is not sound asleep on my craft chair in my room behind me...she is the baby and is most precious...
we've had a fire going since 12 noon and it is just now heading up stairs...can you spot the babies in the pictures..

otto bisquit the elder of them all is laying next to his snowman...snug as a bug in a rug..

margarita is the drama queen so she is hiding under the kitchen least she quieted down...:) well I got 10 packages mailed off today and just in time for the parcel post deadline..yippee..mailed off 5 on friday...still have 3 more to go..then I am off to do baking and cards...I just need another week..then I would be good to go...we got the wood box all loaded up with wood as we are going to be ccccoooolllldd this week...just hoping I can get out by thursday to get my hair colored and get my holiday shopping/grocerys done...well I am off to fix dinner..hope you are all staying nice and cozy where you are...until next time...:)


  1. Gina,
    I love all the stuff cat dolls on your white shelf. My sister has 8 cats also and collects lots of kitty stuff too. She would love these photos of your cats enjoying the warmth of the fire..and she would be jealous of your kitty collections.

  2. Awwww, look at them soaking up the heat! WHO is sitting on the window? I love his coloring

  3. Your fire looks so cozy! I would just love to curl up right beside it!
    Dang girl, how many remote controls do you need? Sorry, couldn't help by notice, as I was looking for the babies, the 4 controllers lined up neatly on the couch!

  4. Oh so cozy...look at them.. you are a good cat mama... Hugs, MO

  5. Awwww, what lil' snugglebugs they are!
    Not only do my canine girls curl up next to the wood stove, I find myself curled up next to it too!
    Stay warm darlin'!

  6. First I have to say that I just found your blog...and I LOVE IT! it always makes me so giddy when I find another awesome blog as yours. I love that there are so many people out there that share the love of prims as much as I do. Who would have ever thought.:) And your sweet! We have 2, and my hubby won't let me get anymore, hehe!
    Thank you for sharing your blog with us!

  7. Gina,

    That's alot of kitties! The one on the couch looks like our Matty! We were just saying the other day that watching them lying around so snug, without a care in the world, makes us feel like stretching out and taking a nap...they just kind of make a home feel cozy and warm, don't they? They can sleep in some strange positions, I tell ya!

    I was just reading your posts below and the snow just looks beautiful too! Your home is so pretty! It has so much character!


  8. Oh I forgot something....I wish I could find that movie you were talking about.... the Pioneer Christmas movie! It sounds like just the type I would love! I love all the Little House on the Prairie Movies (and series). If you find it somewhere, let me know, okay?


  9. Awww they are SO cute!! I have two kitties and they LOVE it when we make a fire! (Well sometimes the dog pushes them out of the way to it! LOL) You have a beautiful home girl!! Love all the kitty decor, my Grannie would be in heaven shopping at your house! LOL
    Have a great day! :)
    Smiles & hugs,

  10. I miss the snow so much now that I live in Florida!!! But I do NOT miss being cold, for sure! The cats are smart --- time to be indoors and cozy by the fire! Just wonderful! So glad I found your blog today! Loved seeing all the pictures!


  11. I don't blame the kitties! I would be enjoying the fire myself!