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Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's SnOwinG!!!!

Here it is snowing in Washington..our very first snow of the year! this is about 10:30pm at night..and when my hubby said it was snowing I just had to go out in it and get some photos...It is so pretty and peaceful out
here is the front gate

my fence....

the side of the house and the azeleas...I have lights there but you can't tell with the is 12:53 am and it is still snowing lightly and it has covered my tracks there is about an inch on the ground...if it wasn't dark I would take a walk out.. will take one in the morning...

Here is my first knitting project without any help..I just started learning and can't stop..I love it..I started out with scarves and found this cute doll sweater and thought I can do that..and here it is...I am already on my second one in a different color..I am is mittens and hats.. I think I like it better then crocheting..this sweater will definitely go on a I have to create one...well I am off to the showers and to bed to read alittle before I nod off to sleep...I took a nap today so it is going to screw up my sleep schedule tonight...whats new..take care and have a wonderful sunday...:)


  1. Everything looks so pretty with the snow cover! Your little knitting project looks so cute! Knitting is one of those things my brain could never get the hang of. You are doing really well, though! Enjoy your snow! ~Beth~

  2. Never tried mom who chocheted beautifully couldn't quite get the hang of it either:)Your doing a great that little doll sweater.

    Love the snow too!

  3. The snow is beautiful ! We are supposed to get some snow today ~ I hope we do ! I like the little doll sweater. Very cute ! Have a wonderful Sunday Gina !
    Janae :-)

  4. Wow you've got snow Gina, it looks so Christmassy please send some my way. We don't get snow in Cornwall. I was lucky to be in Haworth Yorkshire last Feb and it snowed lots....Love your little doll's jacket, well done. I used to knit a lot and just starting to get back into it. I've added you to my blog list too.....Huggs Chrissy x

  5. Gina~Your snow looks wonderful...I want snow like that! Today in Ohio it is windy and rainy...Yuck!
    Your knitting looks great! And you taught yourself? You are such a talented girl!
    Enjoy your snow!

  6. Heeerreee toooooOOOOOoo, sweetpea!!!! I'm so excited. It's finally "Christmas"!! LOL

  7. awe, look at that little cute. Maybe too small for your kitties...heehee. I would at least try putting it on She loves when I do that...NOT!

    We have snow here too! 15 degrees, yikes!

  8. Just found your blog, We here in sunny California got our first snow this week . Surprise!! Your pictures are great, I did the same thing went for the camera. I too am a knitter. Love the doll sweater pattern is it sold on the market ? Now put you in favs, so will visit soon. Please visit me, I am a new blogger. brook