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Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank yOu BrenDa of RusTy CreeK PriMitiVes

I just want to thank Brenda of Rusty Creek PriMitiVes for Making er tweeking my Header for me for the holidays...I asked her this favor last night and she had it done last night...she is a total genious!..don't you love the little kitty hats and the ornament that Gracie is holding...I just love my banner/header it is so festive for the holidays... THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Brenda you are the greatest...:)


  1. Your site looks adorable! What a good friend you have to tweek things up for you. Very festive. I like it!!

  2. What a good friend you have!
    I love the new banner and the background. Very Christmassy!!
    Have a good Monday!


  3. It looks wonderful! I am getting in the mood to change mine soon too.

  4. Hey, I was just looking at your pics and your cute little old Otto Bisquit is so sweet with his new haircut. It is so sad when they get too old to keep up with cleaning themselves, but tell Otto that he looks like a regal lion now! oh, and your recipes made me hungry, but all I could find was an old bag of Fritos! Nighty-Night

  5. Hi Gina,
    Love your new Holiday look!! The kitties look very festive in their little red hats!! I put a snowmen header on mine.
    I guess we need to decide what we want to swap with each other. I thought it mine be fun to do one for Christmas. What do you think?
    Hugs, Cindy