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Sunday, November 2, 2008

PosT HaLLoWeen PhoTos....

Heres the house on halloween night.. We only had 11 tricker or treaters...and I had 30 treat bags made off to church they went today and gave away the rest of everyone got treated this year...
took down the rest of the halloween decorations..and found the lost ones...they will have to wait till next year...but I found my thanksgiving ones...I don't have it only took like 5 minutes..but it is simple and sweet and suits me just fine...the weather looks like it snowed leaves has been blustery and rainy...but now the majority of them are sometime this week inbetween rain..I will be blowing them outta here...that is the only thing I dislike about fall...the mess that the leaves make...will take photos of the thanksgiving stuff tomorrow...tonight I have a nice pork roast in the oven along with carrots, celery, mushrooms, and a nice red pepper...right now the smells are fantabulous....going to be eating soon...
I have jury duty this week..but for tomorrow....I don't have to go in...yippeee...but I hate having to wait and call everynight and hope my number doesn't get is over an hours drive to get to the courthouse...and one I don't want to make...but I am keeping my fingers church today we had fast and testimony meeting and are praying they pick the right man for president this tuesday...I just hope folks out there will make the right choices and really KNOW who they are voting for...any way..I hope your sunday evening is wonderful...I gotta go and check on dinner...
so until next careful...and if you can't be careful at least be sanitary! (that is something my mom always used to say)


  1. Your home reminds me of a cottage. Really cute. We did not have a lot of trick or treaters either. I have yet to put all my decorations away, yet. But I did get out my stocking hangers and garland for my fireplace. I need to email you abut that fabric...cya

  2. well thanks for the wonderful compliment is a farmhouse cottage..pretty much all the houses (older ones) here are small and cottage the newer ones they are building big and they don't fit the houses here..we live in an old fishing/weekend town...the homes were just used for the everyone pretty much lives here full time...all unique and different..everyone says that coming to our house says its like living in the mountains..but got all of my decorations taken down yesterday and got the thanksgiving ones I am good to go...have a great day...:)

  3. Love the pictures of your home,i am like you i lost my heartwood creek halloween ornaments and other items,hopefully i will find them for next year.I was really late this year with my halloween decor, but i did get pictures and will post later this week.Ellis my mum,son DIL and my self all came down with a flu bug and sickness so that held me back for awhile.Take care~Kate~

  4. Your place looks great! We don't get trick or treaters out here in the sticks. :> ( I sure wish we did.

    Oh man, you got the dreaded jury duty summons?! This summer I got one but thankfully, I never got called! I hope the same for you.

    Yep, we're all praying for the right choice.

    Okay, I can't stop laughin' at your mama's sanitary sayin'!! :> )

  5. you have a beautiful home i love the color!

  6. Wow, nice blog. I will try the cookie recipe. Jenny of Pease Porridge tagged me. It is for my own good. I have a love of cats. They are extraordinary creatures. It hard for me to walk away from a cat in need. My big old Victorian house is a menagerie with one room that contains an aviary. I have two cockatiels and two parakeets and cats can only look with supervision. My next goal is to add links to my blog. Still just a grasshopper. Joan Cimyotte