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Sunday, November 23, 2008

FiNiShed Doll, SillY MiLLie, SleePing Babies & EbaY...

Well I finally finished one of the 4 (not 6 didn't have time) Pilgrim Ladys and her pet Pumpkin...This is going to my friend from Church...I hope she is giddy with delight..I love the way she turned out..very simple like a pilgrim should look like..I also made her tag that says peace on my embroidery machine...I was hoping to get at least one done for Ebay before thanksgiving..but I wasn't interested in finishing them till one is going to my little sister and one to my best friend and the other is mine...might try to get one more done and get it sent off to my other friend as well..they are not difficult once you figure out how to stuff them with the weight beads so they will stand...

This is Silly Millie playing in some wool I bought a year ago and washed up...she wouldn't let it I started snapping pics of her just playing with it...there are more..but I didn't want to bore you with it...she was on my table just going to town loving it...what a little nut..

have you hugged your wool today?

apparently she couldn't hug it

here are 4 of the littl darlings asleep on our bed the other day..I couldn't resist this...I had 2 robes out so they could snuggle in them and my jammies for the other one...if you look in the top upper corner of our pillows you will see the other cute is this..all getting along,,, purrrrreeee contentment...Gracie was downstairs on top of the entertainment center keeping warm...

Here are 2 items I currently have listed on ebay...

and here is the other...will be listing more this week hopefully and getting my butt in gear and making some new dolls for ebay and our shoppe..

Our weekend is and was just beautiful...sunny with a nip in the air..we went for a nice long walk yesterday and worked in the yard the babies out to play in it...they love being out in the yard exploring...will probably do that again today...Mike got both of our car/truck oil changed.. and apparently I had a tenant in my car under the hood...a mouse was squatting (taking up residency) under the hood and had made a nest and was eating the insulation and started on the air filter...we were wondering why the car wasn't driving tip top like it hopefully on my way to church I will notice a huge difference... Where were my outdoor kittys..they are great hunters..but apparently this little guy was too fast for em...

Well I hope your sunday is off to a wonderful start, my hubby is making me hot chocolate...a girl could get used to this..I always get em on the weekends...oh and he fixed dinner for me last night...that was a treat...cause I am the chief cook in this house..which I don't mind..but once on a while it is nice to be treated...


  1. Oh my!!! I love them all!!! Your pilgrim gal is wonderful!
    Your furbabies are so precious. Give 'em a lil' squeeze for me!:> )

  2. The pilgrim lady turned out F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!
    Anyone would be thrilled to receive one of these!!
    Your babies are so cute all snuggled on your bed.
    Have a great Sunday~

  3. Your pilgrem lady & santas are just fantastic. I love them all. Your little babies are adorable & so playful.

    ~ Pam ~

  4. Love your pilgrim ! You do such a wonderful job on all those dolls you make!Have a good evening !
    Janae :-)

  5. all your dolls are great!
    Love those kittys!
    Yes, I did the tree on my embro. mach.
    I am getting good huh?
    Just like a drug dealer on the corner....YOU got me hooked!!!!
    I love it! Beth

  6. You lady pilgrim is so cute! And so is your kitty hugging the wool!

    And my hubby just made us a cup of hot chocolate too...and I agree it's very nice to be waited on once in awhile! :)

    Have a great week!

  7. Love the pilgrim lady...very neat!

    Such playful kids you have:0

  8. Thanks for bringing in the pilgrim today at church and letting me see it in person. You really are an artist!

  9. HAHA sooo cute and your little girl is wonderful but I am sorry it isn't as cute as your kitty! They crack me up. I mean cats are playful but I have never seen cats react to yarn and wool the way yours do! SOOOO FUN!

    You are awesomeness!


  10. Hi Gina,
    You are one special friend! Thank you for my pilgrim lady & her little turkey...I love them and will treasure my gift forever. Wow, was I ever surprised!! I am so thankful that we have met and become such good friends. I also sent you an email.
    Love ya, Cindy