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Saturday, October 11, 2008

ShoW and TeLL

This is the Beautiful Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy and her handsome hubby modeling the latest things I had been working on...So if anyone out there needs scarves or hats for christmas gifts let me know..The 2 hats her husband is wearing the skulls glow in the I can do that as well..If there is a design idea you have I have lots of just let me know..I charge $25 for the hats and $30 for one design on the scarf and $35 for 2 designs..I can also add a pocket on the scarf for an I-pod or Cell phone...I am finishing up those today..will post them later..These hats come in Small and Medium...The large if too big for anyone...they do have stretch so even the small fits on me.. but the medium is much more comfortable.. I have an array of colored just let me know..I can also add your name as well..The is $2.00 extra..

Thanks again Jenny and Dave for being my lovely couple in modeling these for me...You guys are the best...enjoy....:)


  1. Beauty and the Hunk, sweetpea!! LOL What's all that pink doing in the middle of your house???? Again, you're just tooooooo busy embroidering I can tell.......

  2. oh come on..I love pink..I just don't decorate with it...:)

  3. Good luck with your orders. I suppose I should have modeled the green one for you, too.

    We wore our scarves out to breakfast and


  4. Gina,
    Those are neat. Did you notice the models both have green eyes? Don't see that everyday.
    Good luck with your orders.

  5. Oh you make some wonderful creations!

    Thanks so much for posting those funnies! I had quite the laugh!!!