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Sunday, October 26, 2008

More GooDiEs in The MaiL...

Well look what was on my door step yesterday...This came from Janae at Cozy Coops Corner. She agreed to a swap and I just love what I received from her...Of course I had to go and put it up right away...had to tweek a few items here and there..but everything fits so nicely now..

the Harvest blessings sign looks so good with the one I purchased..

here is the halloween sampler she made along with the set of candy corns right next to can barely see them...the sampler smells good...Thank you again Janae... you must go and see what she has to offer in her EtSy store..she has wonderful prices and you will surely be pleased..I know I am...:)
Making a big pot of Beef stew in the crockpot today...smells good...getting some wood stacked...raking the leaves..yuk..hate that job..but needs to be done...but we have a gorgeous fall day in which to do slowly getting the yard put to be for the winter...and it will be slow cause of this nasty bronchitis I got while back in Utah...really zapped my energy...are you all ready for the little nose goblins to come and trick or treat...gotta get their little bags of candy ready along with a plastic spider ring...besure to catch "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" this tuesday...I know I won't miss it...I watch those shows still every year and always look forward to it..(thats my part of being a kid that will never grow up)...
Have a wonderfully glorious Sunday.....:)

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  1. Gina,
    Love the signs you got from your swap and the stitchery. You lucky so many great goodies here recently!! Isn't it fun to find places to put them all. You and I have done so much together with embroidery, but we haven't done a swap yet. I think we should do one for Christmas or Winter time. What ya think?
    I can't wait to check out your group's open house.
    Hugs, Cindy