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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Meet MatilDa the ParTy PumPkin WiTch DoLL

Well this is how it all started......BEFORE


the one on the left is going to my girlfriend in Utah as this was a special order..Hope you love her Jill....

This is my latest creation....Meet Matilda...I love how she turned out! she truly is ready for the party! She is currently posted on Ebay and her listing will end in 7 days...

here she is without her hat and mask...hamming it up for the

here she is being all mysterious....:)

and I got this award yesterday from Lisa at Potsnprims... We just met the other this was a wonderful surprise in my box...I am to list 6 things you don't know about I am an open book so this will be tough...
1. I asked my husband out through a friend for our first date...Mind you I had known him for 3 months and officially started chasing him a month you think he was gettin it? so I asked him out..our first date was the Terminator! and Arbys we double dated...
2. I was a beautician..some of you know this already..still love to play with
3. I love to organize and be organized especially in my craft room..hate it messy or cluttered..can't focus on the task as I am wanting to keep things tidy...
4. Been with the same guy since 1984 our first date was October 26th 1984..
5. we offically tied the knot on December 31st 1985...and had a church wedding on January we sort of celebrate both of them...when we fill like it..
6. Love to be at home in my jammies blogging, creating dolls etc...
whhhheewww! that was tough.. I love going to each and everyones blog and must visit 50 keep on blogging as I love reading and seeing how you all all put me to shame...this blogging thing has opened up so many doors and I have met so many wonderful people by doing so...I can't believe it took me so long to get going with I can't stop...
I hope your weekend is a groovy one..I am going to get all my projects done and mailed off on monday...Take care!:)


  1. I think you've just given me the name for our pop-up camper: Matilda or Mattie.......I like it, chickee!! LOL

  2. How cute! They definitely look like they're ready for a party :)

    Have a great rest of your weekend!


  3. I love your creations! You are so very crafty!
    Your home looks soooo FUN all decorated for Halloween! Great job!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. What great creations!

    Loved learning more about you. I am the same way - need to be organized before I can be creative!

  5. Oh I love them, they are great!!!!
    You're a beautician too?! I didn't know that!
    Dear Lord, my hubs can recite every line from The Terminator, accent and all. :> )