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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Rainy WoNdeRfuL MonDaY!!!!!

Here are my two helpers for todays episode in my sewing room...This is Silly Millie asleep on the ironing board..had to move her a couple of times when I was ironing...didn't want to burn her...shes been there most of the day...
here is Sunny E Bunny...sitting right next to me as I sewed get her lovins in..she leans in for a kiss...too precious...and to get her snacks..all of our babys are spoiled and down right loved to bits...Today rained all I got to stay inside and do what I love to do...SEW!!! I have been getting my items done for our swap this week...and I also made a purse for my wonderful hairdresser..I just love her and she always makes me fill like a million bucks when I leave so I thought I would make her a purse...I get to see her tomorrow to get my hair cut and colored..oh I can't wait...its been 9 weeks since it's been colored and it shows...I love the way she does it...will take a photo and post it for you.

Here is the finished purse...She loves fairys so I embroidered 3 different ones on the purse..This is one of those reversible purses...although I doubt she will want to reverse it...:) It is a sling purse..

here it is opened up so you can see all of the detail....

Here is the inside of it...I embroidered her name in it so 1..she can't regift it unless she knows a another Robin and 2 if she forgets her name somewhere down the road...she can look inside her purse and wahlah she knows her is a demin purse with the blue hearts inside...cause I love her!!!

Here is the back of the purse with a little pair of scissors, a comb and nail polish....nice touch for a great hairdresser...I had too much fun today..I truly love this machine and love making stuff with it...My friend Jenny of Wonders of whimsy has set me up with 12 towels to embroider.....she is giving me my job security...thanks Jen....:) finally got a bid on one of my dolls...yeah!!! it is all going towards getting this baby paid off...then onto software where I can make my own designs...can't is just around the corner....yippeee skippy....well I am off to go downstairs and spend a little time with the hubby...hope your week is a wonderful one...
Ta Ta for now!!!
Gina :)


  1. That purse is great! We need some of your rain here!
    I need a hair make over myself...want to let it grow a is so hard to do. But I have got to have some color, I have some serious rootage! Beth

  2. Such a wonderful purse and that machine is so well worth it. Your hairdresser sure is blessed to have you as her customer.

  3. Lovely the details! And the kitty on the ironing board makes me sleepy. :)

  4. Just popping in to say...Love your Blog!
    Hope you don't mind if I add you to my Favorites!
    Have a Great Day!

  5. Hi Gina~

    It snows in September, here in Denver and I cannot wait to sport my skull scarf~

    You need to send an invoice for the towels. Plus all the shipping costs.

    Can't wait to get my Uhaul of stuff!

  6. Linda..nice to meet you.. you are always welcome here...glad you stopped by...:)

  7. OMG your kitties are adorable and so is that bag! Wow I love the name embroidery on the inside.

  8. Gina,
    What a wonderful bag! I've been working on some Fall/Halloween bags for my big show coming up in October.

    I left you an award on my blog site, hope you go check it out cause I really love your blog. It's been so much fun getting to know you and sharing our passion for machine embroidery.