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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Its GoNnA be A Hot TiMe in The Old ToWn ToDay

Well it is supposed to be a scorcher today where we the 90's...we here in the state of washington hate anything above 75...well at least its that way for staying inside with the window a/c's on and sewing...The photos are of my friends kids from church...They were gracious enough to come over and get me hooked up with the adobe photoshop...Oh what a difference it makes and now that I know how to use it...well it's just flippin fantastic...These kids are the nutty professors kid and Harry potters are my silly glasses that I got at the thrift stores..can't resist silly glasses...pretty silly huh....
Here is Harry Potters sister...aka you think she would crack a smile....:)

and here is Harry Potter as a really young say of 2...aka kept them occupied while their Dad Ethan helped me get my adobe was being so good just watching them...There was so much stuff to touch and see here as these guys have never been here before..the kittys stayed well hidden I will tell you...they are not much for running around and kids in general...they did get glimpses of a couple of our kids...but that was it...

Here is what I worked on yesterday ....I dyed the flour sacks in numerous colors..that was fun..but time consuming..especially when you think about all hot water that is used to get this stuff to work, and then cleaning out the machine so it doesn't ruin your clothes when you do laundry next..but still fun...Both of the moons glow..I love the drippy words too...they are on ebay right is the link...halloween towel.

Here is the kitchen curtains that I did in a marigold yellow with the pumpkins and gourds on them...they turned out really neat too...over 20 colors are in a bit time consuming..because of all the color changes etc..but they turned out is the adobe....I love the way it frames the photos...harvest towels link. I added my dolls again... so hopefully they will sell this time...(keeping my fingers crossed) looky loo's on them...but I have found means absolutely nothing.....

And lastly here is our Silly Millie, mini me...millie me...milicent...sitting on my freshly laundered flour sack towels...didn't last long now she's asleep on the ironing board...she does love to sleep in my craft closet on all that fabric...she thinks she the princess and the pea..but with all that fabric..she would never feel the hope your day wherever you are is glorious...have a wonderful day...
Ta Ta for now,
Gina :)


  1. I have the PhotoShop Elements and it does everything I want it to do at about a tenth of the price, sweetpea! But you'll have a ball with the full version. Those kids sure are cute to pose for ya. hah......

  2. yeah now's it a matter of learning it...he gave me shortcuts and a master I have the "EASY BUTTON" at the moment...but its there and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cute Kids. Hey I love your new listings, the backgrounds are much better! I hope you sell them. I did sell my stockings, but lowered the prices to 36 bucks, I ended up getting 41. Oh well. People still want deals.

    Hey do you have more photo's of that purse. Does it have two straps that go on the shoulder? I'd like to see before I
    It would look good with my hat and scarf! Maybe when I get them I can be your model...I will get all dolled up for ya and you can use it on ebay and ETSY! :) My husband can model the boys for ya to! He is handsome.

    Have fun hon. chat with ya later!



  4. Hi Gina....Thanks so much for the visit to my blog and the sweet comment....I have blogger-envy...I have no time right now to surf blog-dom and miss visiting everyone. Your funny saying and expressions are a riot and really perked me up this morning...Hope you will visit again...Pam