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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Got An AwArD!!! :)

I got an award from Cindy at Cynthialee'sdesigns. Thank you so much for the wonderful award..We just met and both have a love for machine embroidery and other things as well. She has sent me to some wonderful prim embroidery sites and now my best friend and I are broke and we HATE her!!! just kidding...:)
Well I get to list 7 folks and tell them that I love their blogs so here goes
1. Britt cause she makes me chuckle everytime I read her blog...
2. Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy, cause I love seeing what she does and she is giving me job security...:)
3. Karin at Country Folkkeepsake Primitives that girl makes me laugh and I love reading her blog and always wanting more...;)
4. Heather as I always love reading her blog..I keep telling her she should right books cause I could just read her stuff all day...
5. Raggedy angel she is one of the newest blogs that I found and love to see...
6. Christina and Marion these are my friends from Down Under in Australia..I met Marion when she bought one of my halloween dolls and we have known each other now for 3 years...gosh has it been that long? and they have a blog now and I love their work and you will too...
7. last but not least Connie of Living beautifully..We don't have the same style in what we do..but she always makes me laugh when I read her blog...
I tend to stay with the same ones and there are more there that I love to read...but some don't respond when I send them their awards...How rude..but these gals above thanks for making my days more enjoyable when I stop by your blogs and to Cindy for giving me this wonderful award...
take care...
Gina :)


  1. Got it, sweetpea! It'll be a day or two before I post it though. I schedule the posts out a few days in advance........ Thanks!!

  2. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

  3. Woo-hoo!!! Thanks so much!! I'm honored! :> )

  4. Oh Gina, I'm so glad that we've met. Just think of all the trouble we can get into sharing embroidery sites, so that we can help each other go broke! I just went to Smart Needle's web-site. Cute Designs!! I got the free applique Halloween Jack-o-lantern design to see how it sews out. I might go back and get the snowmen collection.
    Enjoy your award.

  5. Aw shucks! Thank you so much. One of these days I need to put my "awards" on my sidebar.

  6. Girl, you make me smile! Thanks so much for the recognition and I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog. Sometimes I put an entry together and I have to wonder if anyone actually reads it. I guess now I know.

    You are the best!
    Love ya!

  7. Thanks so much Gina!

    Have a fun weekend!


  8. Gina thanks so much for the blog giveaway prizes! I got them today and I just love all of it! Plus the towels were amazing!! I love them so much!!I will post pics on my blog and show all goodies with a link to your wonderful blog! I will be ordering more towels soon! I'm hooked!!

  9. That sounds like a good trade to me
    Heres my address
    Beth Spence
    138 Piney Grove rd
    Albertson NC 28508
    Give me yours and I will send them out to you!
    I better take em out of the shop that would be the first thing someone would pick up to buy!