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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WhEre Is My HanD, ItS Like WheRes WalDo?

Well as I was sitting at my computer today...our little sunny buns loves to be with her mama bugging here whilst she is blogging or just doing her she decided to get comfortable and sat on my hand like it was a seat...The photo above that one..she wanted to get comfortable and sat on the mouse...Shes such a cutie and will just rub your face with kisses and tap you on the shoulder for love...If you lean into your computer and she is there she will tap your shirt and peek inside like she wants into it...She is a nut...but she loves her ma and pa and we love her too...haven't done much and now need to kick it in the butt and get crafting...Hope your "hump" day is going swimmingly....:)


  1. Hey there chickee~

    I blogged my cat lady~if you wanna see. SHe is cute. I will probably list her by this weekend.

    Have fun. Lovely kitty!

  2. Ha! That is so funny! My cat does stuff like that all the time. If I'm reading a book, he'll come plop down on it. Drives me nuts. He also sleeps on my face. Blech!

  3. Aren't cats just the best!! They know when to be close, don't they!! HA!! Mine is always right there in the midst of my work, too!! **Trudy**