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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SnEeK PeEk!

Here is a sneek peek at my latest creation, Hideous Helga....She is going on Ebay this Sunday as we are launching our halloween I am making more halloween type items for sunday...Is she hideous enough?
have a wonderful wednesday....only 3 more posts till my big blog give-a-way....


  1. Wait a sec... Hideous Helga looks a lot like me. I don't remember you asking to use my likeness!

  2. Actually she looks likemy aunt...LOL Nice mole..bling! :)

    I hope you do well with her.

    Are you sending my package soon, cuz I could use more halloween

    Plus, Don't I owe you for another scarf?

  3. Gina,

    Thanks for always stopping by my blog :) We have three kitties...You had asked. LOL Two by choice and Kingfisher (the one pictured, where you left a comment) he adopted us.

    Your Helga looks great, like Jenny the mole.

    Good luck with her on ebay. Wish you many bids.


  4. Gina,
    Love her, You did a wonderful job. That pumpkin is the bomb though.

  5. thank you ladies for the nice comments...I do love her bling....I am now working on the witch stocking and a cat stocking and then the vintage annie...I do so love your patterns and want to incorporate some embroidery with them as well...still working on that...take care....