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Monday, July 14, 2008

OnLy 5 PoSts LeFt tiLL mY BiG BloG GiVeAwAy

HeLLLLLLOOOO there folks, ( trying to sound like Mrs. Doubtfire)...On July 20th the group that I belong to on Ebay is having a Halloween launch in July...We are called WSOAPP. so just type that in and check out all that myself and other talented artists will be offering that week...I can't wait as I LOVE I have got to get crankin this week...or I will only have 2 things...
On another note I only have 5 post left and I will be doing a Big Blog Give-a-way contest and run it for a week.. the person with all the answers right or the most right will get the prizes...still putting them together...Hope your Monday is off to a great start...we are going for a walk and then working in the yard gotta run!


  1. Okay girlie...I nominated you for an award! Yes you...I hope you are having fun. I am making Helga this week too...are you listing her for this group launch? Just checking so we do not have to compete... :)


    Oh and BBP is Back Porch Pickins.


  2. Hey there Jenny,
    Yes I am making it for the launch, but you can list yours too, as we will be using different fabric etc...up to you...I have been out working in the yard since 12 noon and just came in at 7pm..I washed up a boat load of sheeps wool...I will be sending some to you to use..and some is going on ebay...thanks for the tip on BBP....I must go to your blog and see my award! thank you so much you sweetheart...hey how did your hair appt go? bet it looks pretty....:)Take care my dear..gotta go to your blog now....