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Sunday, June 29, 2008

GeTTiNg CloSe to ThE 100 MaRk

Hello there kiddies,

Well I am almost at the 100 post mark on my blog and like everyone else I too will have a huge blog giveaway...Don't know what it will be, but I will make it good..probably something embroidered I am sure, since its my latest passion..I am having so much fun creating..and my good friend Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy has set me up pretty good. I will be busy for a while..I have 2 casserole carriers and 4 scarves to make..Thank you again Jenny for helping support my habit and help me pay for my machine...I also got a program that I can shrink items and digatize anything like say a photo of my kittys and embroider them..I can't wait to play with that one...oh the fun I will have..that will be a while down the road till I figure out how to use it..taking classes in July on how to use when I do...look out..

Well today is absolutely gorgeous although its going to be too hot for my taste...but the kittys so enjoy their outdoor Mike had them out at 7:30 this morning...and they are now in their "kitty Koral" where they can still enjoy the great outdoors and we don't have to babysit them...for those of you who are joining the program in its process, we have 4 indoor kittys that get supervised we made them a huge "pen" if you will and they have access to the shed and the is completely fenced in, including the top so they can't climb out of it...they love it..there is a big tree that provides them shade and they can climb it somewhat...but there is lots to it keeps them safe and sound..okay back to our regularly scheduled have been taking a "sleep apnea" test where you can do this from home the past 2 days...and I must say, I have had the 2 crappiest nights of sleep..I do hope they can figure out that I do not sleep...I do stop breathing and am tired all the hopefully I will get some relief soon...other then that I fill okay..just wish I had more energy....need to get back into shape..but with no energy..thats a tough one.. You know you are getting old when you sleep and you wake up with "RACK BURNS" on your face..those wrinkles you get from say your pillow or in my case the nose tube from this sleep unit...anyway, you know you are getting old when you wake up with rack burns and they take 4 hours to leave...It took 4 hours yesterday and today I still have them as we not going anywhere today...:) those used to take only about 10 minutes as a kid, now its 4-5 this happened to you?
Any who I hope your sunday is a glorious one...Remember to thank God for your lucky stars and all that you have...

Take care,


Gina :)
p.s. those are my latest embroidered towels.. a salute to the 50's..they look like Neon Signs...they are currently on ebay...


  1. Let me know when you "master" that machine, my little machine maniac!! When you figure out how to scale down something, digitize it I mean.

  2. I will let you know...have a good one...

  3. Slep apnia? did I spell that right? gosh, I am sorry to hear that..suckie! Well, my problem is my neck. I sleep on my stomache which is a big nono and my neck is always stiff and hurts if I try to move it in a certain position. Honestly, I think it is from some accidents I have had in the past and doctors not correcting it at the time...Like when I got hit by a car at age 8. Now my hip acts up sometimes and I know it is cuz of that! I know people are always saying, your young...whatever! I have lived more than most half my age....long story, but I can feel it now not always, but it is a start! not looking forward to days ahead.

    Old age is a tragedy, that is what Dave says all the time. I should workout, I have a gym at home, I am jsut lazy anymore...

    Did I ever tell you I was in body building once (only 5 weeks) LOL but I won 3rd in the state physique competition! Lol Someday I will have to share those pics...LOL