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Saturday, June 28, 2008

ThE DaiLy GrInD

Hello there Folks! Here are my latest creations with my embroidery machine...Have I said how much I love this machine? Well I do...I have these 3 flour sack towels listed on ebay as we speak...They would make great hand towels OF course and cute cute "CaFe CurTains"...They flow so nicely in the breeze...I have the cutest idea that my best friend and I came up with...going to experiment with it today...going to make snowglobes on scarves...I hope this works as they will be toooooo kewl to wear..going to make some halloween scarves too...I have an order right now from my good friend Jenny at "Wonders of Whimsy" to make skulls on scarves...these are going to be too neat...gotta make some fleece hats to put the skulls on to as well...Went to my favorite store yesterday and got some really neat fall/halloween fabric to list on Ebay today as well...and one piece of christmas fabric too...I am hoping to get lots accomplished, but I need to get off this computer and not read everyones blogs...but it is too hard not lots to make and "SEW" little time to do it in..I feel like I am doing a gift show and am cramming at the last minute to get it done...I do love that I hope your weekend is going to be a beautiful one...we are supposed to be in the mid 80's this weekend..There truly is no happy medium with the weather here...its either cold or too hot...70 is perfect...oh well at least the sun is shining...have a great day everyone:)

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  1. Now you'll never come outta the sewing room, my sweets!! LOL