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Friday, February 8, 2008

My Favorite Things

I will be posting pictures of all my babies as they are the loves of mine and my husbands lives!. We don't have typical children just the 4 legged furry kinds.This is my precious Bear, or as I loved to call him Bear Bum! ( he had 21 nicknames), I don't think he really knew his name...:)We found him in busy traffic in Sept of 1994, he was probably 3-4 weeks old. It was instant love at first site. I loved this kitty more then life itself. We had a bond like no other, he could do no wrong and was the best kitty ever. I am crying as I write this as I lost my best friend to cancer in 2003. He got his rabies shot in Italy 2001 and apparently it had something in it, that caused him to get cancer. That little white spot you see is his character patch that he got after receiving radiation and surgery and chemo.. What a little trooper he was. He never complained or acted like he was sick. He held on for a year and through it all was just a joy to be around, He loved the great outdoors and exploring..I on the other hand was the nervous mama and he went out on supervised me the over protective mama...but I couldn't bear to lose him, no pun intended. He brought much joy to all that knew him..I will never forget this gentle little soul. There is one funny story about his name that I must share. He was outside being supervised with his daddy and I could see them both out there and I was yelling through the window for my husband to pet MY Bear Bum!. when they both came in, he said I wonder what the neighbors must be thinking right now!!:)That story has always made me smile, just as my best friend always did. Until we meet again...

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