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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast?

the picture at left is of the habitat at the first part of february...They don't go in it unless it is beautiful outside...It has a cat door that leads into the shed on the right...It is called the "OK Kitty Koral, or cat-sentration camp, or cat habitat...Gotta keep em safe...

Well I was going to everyone's blog yesterday and my new favorite one is She had this incredible recipe for chocolate cake from scratch, so I printed and was happy to see that I had all of the ingredients... So I made the cake and OMG! it was the best cake I have ever eaten, it was so chocolatey and moist and just plain worth the calories. But of course you need to eat your cake with a tall glass of milk! I tell you it is sacreligous if you don't...The 2 just go together like peanut butter and jelly...I am taking over some cake to our neighbors because that is what we do here.. share the calories if you will...I am also sharing this recipe with my little sister cause she is always baking cakes either for scouts or for my mommy when she visits...and she will definitely LOVE this one. Here is the link so you can have your cake and make it too...and then of course EAT IT!!!!:)

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. it turned out to be a glorious one.. The kittys are in their habitat enjoying the great outdoors.. I might go and see what the hubby is up to...Have a wonderful rest of the day...and thanks for stopping by..:)


  1. Hello Gina...This chocolate cake looks YUMMMMMMY!!!

    Love your blog.